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“I IWant to Witness, But What Do I Say Around Traffic Signs in a Car or Bus?

        Many times the hardest part about witnessing is the transition from an everyday conversation onto the Gospel track.  If you do not know how to do this, you will not be witnessing at all. One way to turn the conversation it is through relating the Gospel to objects around you like Jesus did many times in Matthew 13.  These object evangelism icebreakers will train you how to turn conversations onto the Gospel track.  Jesus is coming soon, so use loving boldness and be compassionate. Then be led by the Spirit using whatever method. You may prophesy or pray for healing, etc.  To help pull them in, after the “”, there is an invitation to be saved.

Bridge  - This bridge reminds me of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, which created “the bridge” between God and man that reconciled us to God.…Those who receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will have eternal life in heaven.         John 3:16

Car Door - As we stand here by this car door, it reminds me of what Jesus said:  “I Am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved.”  Jesus Christ is the most important door that a person could ever walk through.  He loves you so much and He wants you to spend eternity with Him…

Dead End  - That sign reminds me of the ultimate dead end -  the place filled with torment, pain and suffering burning flesh for all eternity called hell. Whether you believe it is there or not, there truly is a heaven and a hell.  If you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will be saved from going to hell. You never know when your last day on earth will be…C’mon, let’s pray.  Rom. 10:9-10.

Do Not Enter – Wrong Way  That sign reminds me of: “Do not enter - hell.  It is the wrong way.”  Jesus is the right way to heaven.

No U-Turn  - That sign reminds me of the fact that after this life on earth is over, there are no U-turns.  There is no reincarnation. After you die, you go into eternity to either heaven or hell. There are no U-turns in hell.   So please make sure that Jesus Christ is your Lord because you never know when your last day on earth will be… Let’s pray.      Rom. 2:4

One Way  - As I see that sign, it reminds me of the fact that there is only one wayto heaven… Many people think that there are multiple ways, but they are all false.  Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sins on the cross, and so He reconciled us to God, therefore receiving Jesus Christ as your  Lord & Savior is the one way to heaven.….So are you on your way there?  John 14:6

Stop Sign  -  Stop signs remind me of evangelists and preachers that exhort people to stop sinning and live for God.  Why?  Because they love people and they know that if they do not receive Jesus Christ as their Lord, their final stop for all eternity will sadly be hell. Have you ever stopped to ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord?

Traffic Light - This traffic light reminds me of three types of people.  The green reminds me of the Christians that are going for God and are going to heaven.  The yellow reminds me of those who are lukewarm.  They say are Christians, but they still go to the bars.  They have one foot in and one foot out.  The red reminds me of those people that need to stop their sinning and turn to Jesus Christ or they will go to that red fiery place called hell…So which color are you?  Do you want to pray to be green?  Let’s pray.

Yield   - That yield sign reminds me of yielding to the Holy Spirit. That means to obey God instead of selfishly doing what I want to do… Have you ever yielded your heart to Jesus Christ and prayed to receive Him as Lord?   Rom. 6:13

Salvation Prayer:  “Father, I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead.  I repent of my sins.  Jesus, I ask You to forgive me and come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior.   Fill me with the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for saving me from hell and giving me eternal life in heaven, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

The original train tract is tri-folded and 5.5 inches high and 3 inches wide.  I converted all the information therein to one page (that you see here, but without the clip art picture) for easy access through the internet and smart phones.  

If you really want the original paper train tracts, then download the free train tracts app at the App Store.  They are $1 each.
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