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  How to INCREASE Your Compassion for

Witnessing to the Lost 

   1.  Think about HELL and how hot and fiery hell really is.  Read about hell in the Word.

Think about how the unbelievers will suffer in pain and agony anguish and torment for all eternity. Imagine their hopeless faces screaming in pain. There are no second chances.  There are not U-turns in hell. There is no way out.

2.  Cast your cares upon the Lord, so that when you are standing in line anywhere, whether that be at the gas station or at the grocery store or in line to buy tickets somewhere, you will not be thinking about your own problems.  Instead you will be free to think about whether the people in front of you or behind you in line or the checkout person are born again or not. So cast your cares.

3.  Think about your own life and how you have suffered...Have you ever been broken hearted or divorced?  Ever been in great financial distress?  Ever have a mother or father die young?  Or ever have a child die?  Ever had a problem with alcohol or drugs or suicidal thoughts?  You should have compassion for those who are suffering in the same way or in the same areas that you did. So then tell them your testimony of how Jesus Christ helped you through it all and delivered you to give them hope. Tell them that God loves them and Jesus can deliver them too. That is not hard.

4.  Leave  "Margins in your Schedule".  What I mean is, leave 15-20 minutes early for any appointment that you may have.  It gives God time to use you whether you are running an errand, going to the store, or going to a doctor's appointment, or wherever you go.  If you make a habit of this, it will give you TIME to witness wherever you go.  Most of the time, that is why God cannot use Christians to witness to the lost because they are in too much of a hurry to stop and listen to people.  Hurting people need a compassionate ear that will listen to them.  Much can be done for the Kingdom of God if Christians will just leave margins in their schedule.

5.  Get enough sleep.  It is hard to have compassion for others when you yourself are tired.  It is harder to walk in love and forgive and walk in the fruits of the spirit when you are tired as well.  So to increase your compassion, get enough sleep.  God's yoke is easy and His burden is light.  

6.  Read this website so that you will better know how to witness and answer their questions.  Buy some train tracts and learn how to transition a conversation onto the Gospel track.  Study how to win the lost.  He who win souls is wise.  

7.  Ask God to give you courage to witness.  The Bible says in Proverbs that "the righteous are as bold as a lion."  Study the Bible to get courage and have no fear.  Read and memorize  Isaiah 41:10





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