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I'm ordained through John G. Lake Ministries

This is me with Rev. Curry Blake, overseer of John G. Lake Ministries.  He may be a bit shorter than me, but he is huge and so very powerful in ministering healing to the sick.  Multitudes of healing miracles have been performed in his ministry by Rev. Curry Blake and thousands of others he has trained through his Divine Healing Technician Training classes.  I've gone through them twice.  He has John G. Lake's powerful anointing.  The only difference is the "B" for Blake instead of  Lake!  John G. Lake's son-in-law, Wilford Reidt, after nine months of prayer, handed the ministry to Rev. Curry Blake because he fulfilled a prophecy "to a T"  that John G. Lake uttered in 1925 as to who would carry on his ministry after he went on to be with the Lord.     See:


Below is Rev. Curry Blake and his wife Dawn, who is my friend.   I love this picture because when I took it, they were laughing and you can see the glory of God that is upon them both!  This was taken on their daughter Christel's wedding day.  

John G. Lake Ministries

Below is a picture of me and Dawn, who is Curry Blake's wife.  She is holding her adorable grandson, Josiah, who is the son of John and Stephanie Blake. They were missionaries in Thailand for a few years  evangelizing and extending the healing ministry there as well.. 

Dawn Blake and I and her grandson Josiah

Dawn is amazing in all the work that she does for the ministry.  She is the backbone of it all.
Here is Rev. Curry Blake walking his daughter Christel Blake down the aisle.  She married Michael Murley.

REv Curry Blake walking daughter Christel down the aisle!


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