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 Susan's Wedding

Brief Biography of Susan Mulford who Married David Nazarewicz on June 21, 2014: 

Susan Mulford got married on June 21, 2014 to David A. Nazarewicz at RHEMA Bible Church in the Chapel.  You can got to:  for more details about their story and romance and engagement and pictures.  We are both very happy!  The wedding photos that were taken by our guests at our wedding are uploaded at: and our online wedding photo album id is: susandavid21

Susan Nazarewicz was born feet first, ready to run her race from the womb, in Winchester, MA.  Her parents moved to Charlotte, NC when she was a baby.  She grew up there attending Pilgrim Congregational  Church.  Later she attended Calvary Evangelical Church after college.

Born-Again at age Eight

Susan received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior when she was eight years old through her best friend named Trace who was a Baptist.  Traci told Susan about how she got born again or decided to give her heart to Jesus and so she was going to get water baptized.  In her ignorant pride, Susan thought that Traci was "behind her" because Susan was water baptized as a baby or sprinkled. Then she asked Traci about how you become born-again.  Traci said that  you go down to the front of the church and just pray a prayer. Susan's church was so small, the pastor did not give altar calls.  So that day in 1978 in the church parking lot, Susan prayed a prayer with Traci and asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart to be her Lord and Savior.  On her birthday on November 13, 1993  Susan was water baptized (fully submerged) at RHEMA Bible Church in Tulsa, OK.

Her Childhood - Spent with Scoliosis, Swimming, Studying & Set Apart

          Susan was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was seven years old and so she had to wear a back brace for ten years until she was 16 and stopped growing.  It was tough because many times she was teased for wearing that back brace, but her mother, Joyce Mulford, encouraged her and taught her to forgive and ignore the bullies. She said:  "Those bullies are the ones that are insecure.  They make themselves feel better about themselves by picking on a beautiful girl like you.  But you, Susan, are going to be somebody."   Susan says that her mom was her cheerleader.

       The doctors said that the best thing for the back was swimming.  So at age seven her parents had her join the year-round swim teach called Mecklenburg Aquatic Club.  She grew to enjoy  it, especially the out of town swim meets.  She swam on that team until she was 16.  During the summers she swam for her neighborhood club's swim team called Huntingtowne Farms.   When she was 15, she received the Most Valuable Swimmer award.  Her senior year in high school she was co-captain of her high school's  swim team.  Her first year after college she was a coach at Carmel Country Club.  The three following summers she was a lifeguard and swim instructor at Huntingtowne Farms swim club.  So Susan spent her childhood swimming, studying, and sleeping.  She usually made straight A's in school.  With her busy schedule, the Lord kept her from sex, drugs and rock and roll, etc.  She was set apart in that back brace and kept holy unto the Lord. 

She Answered the Call of God - Her Senior Year in College at UNC

          Many times, trials and hardships in people's lives cause them to seek God.  In Susan's case, it was her mother who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1990 during her sophomore year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that caused her to really seek God.  Her mother, Joyce Mulford, was like her best friend.    She was heavily involved in Student Government at UNC.  She was elected to Student Congress.  She was also Executive Director for the University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments.   Her junior year she was President of the UNC Psychology Club.  After her mother was diagnosed with bone cancer, her senior year Susan pioneered the club: Students for Cancer Awareness, Research and Education (SCARE).  She was thinking about going to law school and also was thinking about becoming a psychologist or counselor.   In March 1992, her senior year at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting, she heard a student preach about how he was called to serve the Lord and was going to Russia to become a missionary.  The Lord touched her in a mighty way lifting a huge weight from her shoulders and answered her questions. God told her that she was called to serve the Lord.  So that day she answered the call of God to serve the Lord for her life.  After graduation,  she wondered about what divinity school she should go to as she took care of her mother who was now bedridden with bone cancer back home in Charlotte, NC.

Seeking answers for her mother's healing, she listened intently to a RHEMA grad named Kevin Chapman who told her all about Kenneth Hagin, RHEMA Bible Training Center and divine healing.  They worked together at the Olive Garden.  Then on April 18, 1993 Susan went to Harvest Church in Albemarle, NC where Kevin was a youth pastor.  It was there that Susan received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  She began praying in tongues on her way home in her car.   After graduating from UNC, she had been accepted to Duke Divinity School and was planning on attending there, but she could not get any scholarships or grants.  Now that she had her prayer language,  she felt like she wanted to go to RHEMA Bible Training Center that Kevin often talked about, but that was 18 hours away by car in Tulsa, OK.  Duke was so only 3 hours away, so she could see her Mom every weekend, but it would be so very expensive to go there.  She was so perplexed as to what to do.

She Heard the Audible Voice:  "Just Go to RHEMA"

Then God spoke to her audibly on  June 5, 1993:   "Just go to RHEMA."   So she obeyed the voice of God, leaving her mother behind, and  moved to Tulsa, OK to begin going to RHEMA Bible Training Center in Sept 1993.   In Sept. 1993 Rodney Howard-Browne came to RHEMA Bible Church and ministered to the people a  Holy Ghost JOY-filled Revival.   While laughing on the floor, the Lord called Susan to (short-term) missions.  And the joy from those meetings carried her through the grief of losing her mother just four months later on Jan. 5, 1994.  She does not understand why her Mom died.  But she decided to trust that loss into the Lord's hands and go on and serve Him.  She knows that God is still the healer and  she has experienced His healing touch many times in her life and she has prayed for many people who have been healed as well. So in this faithfulness to the Lord,  she has gotten the devil back many times for her mother's death.

Since then, Susan has  gone on to serve the Lord and she has graduated from:

B.A. from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  - graduating in May 1992
    (double majored in Psychology/Political Science)

RHEMA Bible Training Center  - graduated in May 1995  (Teacher's Group)

Church On The Move School of Ministry  (just took 11 classes part-time) - ending in May 1996

Victory World Missions Training Center -  graduated on August 28, 1996

Prophetic Age Ministry Institute  - graduated in May 1998

Divine Healing Technician Training classes (John G. Lake Ministries)  in 2001

She is an ordained minister through John G. Lake Ministries   (

 She has been on Six Short Term Missions Trips to:   Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Jamaica, and Pakistan.

Abundant Life Prayer Group - Oral Roberts Ministries

Susan works full-time as a prayer partner for the Abundant Life Prayer Group at Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association.  She has been faithfully working there since February 2004 and has a lot of healing testimonies.  She has an evangelistic heart for the Lord to see unbelievers come into the Kingdom and to teach and preach the Word of God.  Susan uses her prophetic gifting to comfort, edify and encourage people to have a closer walk with God.  She also has a heart to sing and God has given her many anointed songs.  Susan is single and still waiting on God to bring Mr. Right into her life.  

If you would be interested in having her come teach, preach or sing at your church or fellowship gathering, please give her a call:  918-938-2969  or e-mail her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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