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The Individual Medley is when you swim all four stokes in this order:  Butterfly, backstoke, breaststroke and then freestyle. 

The four different strokes remind me of the stages that a person often goes through in their relationship with God. 

You can witness to an unbeliever as you talk about swimming in general or at a swim meet when you and the unbeliever watch a swimmer swim this four-part race:

“As I watch that swimmer swim the butterfly, it reminds me of how the caterpillar goes into his cocoon and then in God’s timing comes out as a butterfly like a new creature in Christ Jesus.   Many people receive Jesus Christ as their Savior as a child.  2 Corin 5:17                                                                                                        

Then they grow and as a teenager they start swimming the backstroke.  It reminds me of unbelievers that do not know God and it also reminds me of Christians who become backslidden as they question everything and rebel against God.  They drift away usually because of peer pressure and also because they want to be free from their pain so they try to fill up the voids in their hearts that religion never filled, so they may try different false religions, do drugs, get drunk or engage in pre-marital sex, which are all forbidden in the Bible.

Then they get tired of living life their sinful lifestyle and hit rock bottom. This reminds me of the breaststroke, which is the slowest stroke of them all. This is where the swimmer constantly goes up and down in and out of the water as they move their arms and legs in a frog-like fashion to swim down the pool.  They may go up and down in searching out different religions.  They may go up and down dealing with the emotional pain of forgiving those that have hurt them. They may go up and down in fighting against fleshly desires before they finally decide to put their trust in God and surrender their whole lives to Him.  Then they finally find the “breastplate of righteousness” and become “right with God” once again through receiving Jesus Christ, not only as their Savior, but as their Lord.  As they go up and down, many times they will receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and start praying in their new prayer language.

            As I watch that swimmer do his final flip turn, (where the swimmer does a somersault underwater and pushes off the wall with their feet),  it reminds me of how good it is to repent and turn from your sins, because then God will deliver you and you will be set free in Christ.  As I watch that swimmer swim the last leg of the race, I know that freestyle is the fastest stroke of them all.  It reminds me of the fact that we are in the last days.  Jesus Christ is coming soon.  If God were to choose, I believe that He would want everyone swimming freestyle because there is not much time left.

            As I watch that swimmer swim that freestyle, it reminds me of the fact that whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  So what stroke do you feel like you are swimming right now?  Are you free in Christ?  Have you ever received Jesus Christ as your Savior and as your Lord?


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