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Witnessing with Train Tracts is So Easy!                     

      Here are some pictures to inspire you and show you how it is done!

       You take the train tract with you for the location where you will be in your wallet or purse.  Take it out and quickly read it over.  Choose one icebreaker and remember it.  (It does not have to be word for word).  Then put it back in your wallet or purse and say the icebreaker to the unbeliever. After you are on the Gospel track, then listen to God and be led by His Spirit. See the following examples below that are very similar (but not word for word) to the object evangelism icebreakers that are in the train tracts.


When you are at a hardware store or working on a construction site, (see Hardware Store train tract), you can say something like this:   "When I look at those nails, it reminds me of how painful it must have been for Jesus Christ having those nails hammered into His hands and feet on the cross. He went through so much pain and suffering in shedding His blood for my sins.  It makes me want to live a holy life that will please my God.  Pleasing God all begins with receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord…" (1 Peter 1:19; 1 John 4:8-10)





When you are filling up you gas tank next to someone, you can say something like this (see Gas Station train tract):  High Gas Prices  – This gas is getting so expensive.  It is a good thing that you cannot get to heaven through driving your car. I would not have enough money to fill my tank to get there!  So I am so thankful that salvation is a free gift by grace through having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  You just pray “a salvation prayer” and then you will have a free ride to heaven when you die….So would you like to repeat a salvation prayer after me?



When you are at a grocery store you can say something like this (see Grocery Store train tract)

Bread:  ”As I buy this bread, it reminds me of what Jesus said:  “I Am the Bread of Life.  He who comes to Me will never go hungry…” (John 6:35)







This stargazer lily is so beautiful.  It is my favorite flower.  It reminds me of Jesus Christ Who is called "the lily of the valley" and as I gaze upon the beauty of the pink petals and the little pink dots that look like stars, it reminds me of the fact that God created all the stars and He is also gazing down watching over me.  Jesus is so much like the stargazer lily.  (See Flowers train tract).




When you are in a car/bus with other people (see: In a Car/Bus train tract) and you or they make a wrong turn and the driver has to back up or turn around, you can say something like this in a nice way:     “That “No U-turn sign” reminds me of the fact that after this life on earth is over, there are no U-turns.  There is no reincarnation either.  After you die, you go into eternity -  to either heaven or hell."   ...Then pause and see what they say.  Be led by His spirit.






When you are doing some kind of auto repair,  (see: Auto Repair train tract)  You can say something like this:    "I am checking this tire’s pressure. You need just the right amount of pressure in order for these tires to work at their best. You know that reminds me of the fact that there are a lot of pressures in life… Some people deal with pressure in the wrong way.  Some people get angry and yell at people.  Other people do drugs or drink alcohol to deal with the pressure or the problems in their lives. But since I am a Christian, when I have too much pressure in my life, I turn to Jesus Christ and pray.  I cast my cares and the pressures onto Him.  I trust in Him to handle it for me or to give me wisdom in knowing how to deal with the situation that is facing me because His way is always the best way.  His way usually involves forgiving people and allowing God to right the wrongs and being patient.  But to deal with the pressures of life in the right way, you have to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be filled with His spirit…Have you ever done that?  If not, you can repeat a salvation prayer after me.






Cleats (boots) – As I watch those soccer players, I know that they use those cleats because they give them good traction on the field.  Then they can play hard and run hard against the opposing team.  It reminds me of what praying in tongues does for me.  It keeps me on track with God and it helps me to pray hard and run hard for God against the opposing enemy, who is the devil…So have you ever prayed in tongues?   Acts 2:2;  Acts 1:8;  Jude 20;  Heb. 12:1-2; Acts 10:38   (see Sports train tracts)






I just take sugar in my coffee.  I like the sweet taste.  You know, sugar reminds me of how sweet it is to trust in Jesus… The Bible says in Psalm 34:8“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good;  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.”  I’m so thankful He loves me…Do you know how much He loves you?  Have you ever put your trust in Jesus?  (See coffee train tract.)










        Locker Door – This locker door reminds me of what Jesus said in              John 10: 9.  “I Am the door. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved.”  So Jesus Christ is the most important door you will ever walk through.  In Rev. 3:20 Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door (of your heart), and knock”…Have you ever opened the door of your heart and asked Jesus Christ to come in to be your Lord? ( See Junior High School and High School/College train tracts)







        I think we got all of the shells now.  They are so pretty.  You know, some people are so depressed.  They think that no one cares about them.  But all this sand reminds me of what it says in Psalm 139: 17 – 18:  “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!  How great is the sum of them!  If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand.”   So I know that God thinks about you a lot!  He loves you so much…Have you ever prayed to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior? (See: Beach train tract.)







As I sit behind the computer and control this mouse, it reminds me of what true “surrender” really is.  It's like this - imagine that you are the mouse.  True surrender is allowing the hand of God to come upon you to control you and direct your life wherever He wants it to go.  It is putting your trust in Him knowing that His way is the best way.  I sure am glad that He made a way for me to sit next to you...Anyway, so what do you think?   Have you ever surrendered your life to the Lord?     (See Computer train tract)





This picture was too cute to not put on here.  I just made this one up and this one is not in the Park train tract.  I believe that toddler could be saying:

        "I sure miss being in heaven.  Ever since I came out of my Mommy, I've been trying to find Jesus again.....Do you think He's in here?"   (See Park Train tract.)





                             This beautiful white horse reminds me of the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back again on a white horse (Rev. 19:11) …He is coming back for His Bride, whom are all the Christians, to take us all up to heaven with Him. They call it the rapture.  Those that have not received Jesus as Lord will be left behind…If Jesus were to come back today on that white horse would you be ready?  (See Farm train tract)







You see, banking on the internet is easy.  You just click here and here...That reminds me of something.  You know, almost everyone opens up bank accounts, but the most important thing to open up is your heart and pray for Jesus come in and be your Lord.  Then you will have treasure in heaven for all eternity and I believe that He will prosper you here on earth as well…So have you ever opened up your heart and allowed Jesus to come in?   (See Bank train tract).





American flag  – The flag represents our nation that is under God….  The white stripes represent God’s holiness and purity.  When the soldiers whipped Jesus Christ, the 39 lashes wrought red stripes of blood all over His back.  It says in Isaiah 53:4-5 that by His stripes, we were saved and healed.  In Genesis 22:17 God promised Abraham, “I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky…”   America has the most Christians in the world, so it is fitting that we have so many stars on our flag and that the background of the stars is blue, the color of our heavenly skies….So are you a Christian?  What I mean is - Have you ever prayed to receive Jesus as your Lord?     (See Fourth of July train tract).

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