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      Muhammad's 22 Women                           

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  1. Khadijah was his first wife that he married in 595 and she died in 619.  After her death, he mourned for a year.  His uncle who raised him died that year as well. Then Muhammad married 15 other women, many of them widows.  Note:  Muhammad’s sons all died in infancy, and the only daughter to survive him was Fatima, whose mother was Khadijah. 

2. Sauda was a widow.  Sauda’s ex-husband, al-Sakran b. ‘Amr b. ‘Abd Shams became  a Christian in Abyssinia and died there.

3. Aisha - Her father, Abu Bakr, was the first convert to Islam.  Aisha was 6 years old when Muhammad married her!  and the marriage was consummated when she was nine years old.  Aisha played with dolls while Mohammed was present. 

4.  Umm Salama, widow of Abu Salama.  ‘Umm Salamah had a son before she married Mohammed.  Her son went with A’isha, al-Zubayr, and Talhah.

5.Hafsa, a widow whose husband died of wounds received at Uhud.  Hafsa's father, Umar thought of her marrying ‘Uthman, but ‘Uthman declined because he knew Mohammed wanted to marry her.'  She was four years older than ‘A’isha. Thus Mohammed did not marry her just to provide for her. Rather he married someone (in 628) who otherwise would have been married to someone else.  Umar told his daughter Hafsa not to be misled by ‘Aisha who is proud of her beauty and Mohammed’s love for her.  Hafsa said to Aisha:  "I have never received any good from you!"

6.  Zaynab - One day Muhammad went out looking for Zaid (Mohammed's adopted son). Now there was a covering of hair cloth over the doorway, but the wind had lifted the covering so that the doorway was uncovered. Zaynab was in her chamber, undressed, and admiration for her entered the heart of Mohammed.  So then Zaid first divorced his wife, Zainab,  so that Mohammed might marry her!  Allah gave Mohammed "a revelation" that it was his will for him to marry Zaynab!

7. Juwairiya bint Harith/al-Harith - was taken as booty when Muslims raided the al-Mustaliq tribe. Her father was the chief of the tribe and her husband, Musafi’ bin Safwan Dhu al-Shuir was killed in the battle. She was a prisoner of war who agreed to marry Mohammed. She was 20 when he married her.

8. Umm Habiba and her first husband ‘Ubaydallah were Muslims who went to Abyssinia. ’Ubaydallah converted to Christianity, so Muhammad married her. It is inconsistent on whether Umm Hani’ became a Muslim before or after Mohammed asked her to marry him.

9. Safiyya bint Huyai was a captive Mohammed married after slaughtering her father, brother, husband and the men at Khaibar,  Safiyyah was called Safi, for the first share of the booty, which went to Mohammed.  She was purchased for seven slaves.  There was discord between wives. Zainab did not want to loan a camel to Safiyya when Mohammed asked her to. Zainab called Safiyya a "Jewess"

10. Maymunah - had been divorced once, and widowed before marrying Mohammed. who was in a state of ritual purity on the journey to Mecca.  She was 30 when she married Muhammed who was 53.

11. Fatema bint al-Dahhak bin Sufyan -  Mohammed consummated his marriage with the Kilabiyyah who was from the Kilabi tribe. This was not his daughter Fatima who was married to Ali. 

12.   Hend  -  She was a widow and was formerly married to Abu Sufyan, who was a very stingy man,

13.  Sana bint Asma -  was married to him, but she died before Muhammad consummated his marriage with her.

14.  Zaynab of Khozayma  belonged to the tribe of Banu Hilal. She was divorced from a Muslim named Tufayl, then married his brother ‘Ubaydah, who was killed at the Battle at Badr. Then she married Mohammed. 

15.  Habla  - not much is known about her

16.  Asma bint al-Nu'man bin al-Aswad  and Muhammad married,but then he found out that she had leprosy, so Mohammed gave her money and divorced her. 

Two Concubines or Slaves

17. Mary the Copt gave birth to Mohammed’s son Ibrahim.   He died when he was two years old.  She refused to marry Muhammad because she would not renounce Christianity and embrace Islam. She bravely chose to remain a slave rather than convert.  The Muslim emissary Hatib b. Abi Balta’ah returned from Egypt with Mariya [Mary the Copt], her sister Sirin, a female mule, sets of garments, and a eunuch. So Mary was a gift to Muhammed.  Mohammed "had intercourse with her [Mary] by virtue of her being his property."

18. Rayhana  - She was a Jewish captive from the Qurayza tribe. Mohammed offered to make her a wife instead of a slave, but she declined and remained Jewish

Four women who freely gave themselves to Muhammad to fulfill his sexual desires:

19. Omm Sharik - Muhammed married her and then saw that she was an old woman, so he divorced her

20. Maymuna  - she was a woman who offered herself to Mohammed, but not married.

21. Zainab bint Khuzaima,Zaynab - Mohammed married her, but she died before he did.

22. Khawla  - It is said that Mohammed married Khawlah bint al-Hudayl, but it is not confirmed

  The End   (Muhammed died, so he could not marry anymore)  LOL !

Commentary    Source from:

            Completely unlike Jesus Christ who never had sex with a woman, Muhammad’s was sexually involved with at least 22 women. Although in the Qur'an he would limit his followers to having four wives, he himself took more than four wives and many concubines. The question of the number of women with whom Muhammad was sexually involved either as wives, concubines or devotees was made a point of contention by the Jews in Muhammad's day. Ali Dashti comments:

"All the commentaries agree that verse 57 of Sura 4 (on-Nesa) was sent down after the Jews criticized Mohammad's appetite for women, alleging that he had nothing to do except to take wives" (Ali Dashti, 23 Years, pp. 120-138).

Now polygamy was practiced in the Old Testament by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and Solomon. In fact when David committed adultery with Bathsheeba, God said, "Did I not give you your many wives, why have you done this thing with Bathsheeba", (2 Samuel 12:7-9 paraphrased). But the Koran claims to be a new revelation from God to man and specifically limited the number of wives to four. In Sura 4:3. This means that Muhammad sinned against the very Koran he claimed to reveal.

Although Arabs gave us Algebra, modern Muslims are quite illogical regarding most aspect of their religion. If history contradicts the Koran, history is wrong! In order to keep Muhammad sinless, Muslims will actually deny the fact that Muhammad had more than four wives. Their circular reasoning is well documented by James A. Beverly, in his book "Understanding Islam". A typical private conversation with a Muslim regarding Muhammad’s many wives will go as follows:

  1. The Quran condemns more than 4 wives in Q4:3.
  2. Muhammad was sinless.
  3. Therefore Muhammad did not have more than four wives, (Because Muhammad was sinless.)

However, the facts of history cannot be changed. Informed Muslims like Muslim scholar and statesman Ali Dashti gives the list above of the women in Muhammad's life.

   Commentary   -  Every prophet from Adam taught that any woman who has more than one living husband is an adulteress, and her subsequent husband is in adultery with her first husband as polygamy was legal only for the man -- Genesis 3:16; Romans 7:1-3).   Aesha was only eight or nine years old when Muhammad took her to his bed. According to Hadith, she was still playing with her dolls. This facet of Muhammad's sexual appetite is particularly distressing to Westerners.   This aspect of Muhammad's personal life is something that many scholars pass over once again because they do not want to hurt the feelings of Muslims. Yet, history cannot be rewritten to avoid confronting the facts that Muhammad had unnatural desires for little girls.    The documentation for all the women in Muhammad's harem is so vast and has been presented so many times by able scholars that only the blind reject it.

 A Woman Who Refused to Marry Muhammed

Layla clapped Mohammed’s shoulder from behind and asked him to marry her. Mohammed accepted. Layla’s people said, "’What a bad thing you have done! You are a self-respecting woman, but the Prophet is a womanizer.  Seek an annulment from him." She went back to the Prophet and asked him to revoke the marriage and he complied with [her request]." 

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