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1.  Each Train Tract gives you courage to witness because you will know what to say.  Train Tracts solve the problem of how to transition or railroad everyday conversations onto the Gospel track or onto Jesus Christ.  This is vitally important because if you cannot transition the conversation into the Gospel or onto the topic of God or Jesus Christ, then you will not be witnessing at all.

2.   It is not an "in your face" method.  It is natural, conversational,  indirect and easy to use.  If it is thoughtfully spoken in the right tone of voice, it does not even sound like you are witnessing, but you are!  You are simply making comment of how an object in front of you reminds you of some aspect of the Gospel.  So you can fearlessly witness and it does not even sound like you are witnessing.  And if you use the right tone of voice, then it is also a caring and gentle and loving approach.   I often say to use compassionate boldness.  That means to not be shy, but have enough compassion on where that unbeliever will spend eternity to boldly speak up and use an object evangelism icebreaker.  Then the conversation is started and the witnessing can begin.   

3.  Witnessing using train tracts is really witnessing the way that Jesus did it.  He taught the people through using parables.  He rarely taught the crowd without using a physical object to illustrate some aspect of the Gospel. Look at Matthew 13 and read all of Jesus' object evangelism examples there.  Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God wherever He went.

4.  Train Tracts can be used anywhere. You just memorize one of the object evangelism icebreakers wherever  you are and say it to an unbeliever.  Then wait for their response.  Then listen to the Holy Spirit as to what you should say next.  Then the witnessing begins.    You do not have to wait until your church goes witnessing door-to-door or goes out street witnessing outside the bars or on the streets. You don't have to limit yourself to witnessing only during these times. With these train tracts you can witness wherever you go anywhere at any place, even at the mall.  There are several testimonies of how God moved at the mall.   Train Tracts take Christians out of the box.   They can also be used in conjunction with other evangelism methods.

5.  You can gauge where they are in their walk with God by their response to your icebreaker comment.  You will know if they are open to the Gospel or not, which will give you understanding of what to say next as the Spirit of the Lord leads you.  You can read the section on Truth to Say to 13 False Religions to help you more.

6.  If the unbeliever refuses to pray to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior,  the object is still there to remind them of all that you said about the object and how it relates to the Gospel.  As they look at the object, the Holy Spirit can continue to convict their hearts about their need for Jesus' saving love.

7.  It is a great way to teach children the Bible because the train tracts are filled with concrete (and not abstract) examples of spiritual ideas.  It is the Hebrew way of teaching.  So children will be able to more easily understand and grasp the meaning of the Gospel.

8.  It is great for youth that are on fire for God because the train tracts are like new wine skins and they will try new ways of witnessing.  The train tracts will enable them to use their zeal with wisdom in witnessing.  It will spark a hunger for the Word of God. They can be creative with it.  Once they grasp the concept of it, then I believe that God will give them new object evangelism icebreaker ideas as well.  It is fun! 

9.  Pastors, Church Leaders, Bible School teachers and missionaries will like the train tracts because they are not only wonderful icebreakers, but they are filled with great illustrations for their Sunday sermons.  There are over 300 illustrations for them to to use in their messages and of course, in witnessing. 

10.  The approach enables you to be led by the spirit of God because it is so flexible.  If God gives you a prophetic word, you can prophesy.  If they need healing, you can minister healing.  According to 1 Corin. 14:1, God wants us all to flow in the gifts of the spirit. 

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