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Objection:  “I Will Pray Later, Not Now."

       Say, “I’d be interested to know, if you were to receive the gift of eternal life now, what problems would it create for you?”  

      “There are some situations in life where we face two options.  But while we are considering which one these options to take, we are already in one of them.  For e.g., if your car stalls on the railroad track and the train is coming.  You have two options: to try to start the car and save both yourself and the car OR get out and run and at least save your life.  While you are considering these options, you are already in one of them.  You are in the car and the train is getting closer.  Jesus Christ is coming soon. You have two options: Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, OR  not to accept Him.  While you are making up your mind, you are already in one of the options.  You have not accepted Him and as the moment of your death draws nearer, eternity looms before you.”

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