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Objection:   “I Don't Believe God Exists.”

Ask him, “Well, what evidence do you need to believe that God exists?”  Many will say that to believe, they would have to see God.  Then say:

“Do you believe in the existence of air, life and love or intelligence?  Have you ever seen them?”

Then ask:  “Is it reasonable to use two different standards of proof -  one for God and another for everything else that we know exists, yet cannot see?  Then if that doesn’t work, tell them about:

Three Evidences for the Existence of God:

  1. 1.       The law of cause & effect: We may not see air, intelligence, life or love, but we can see their effects.  We see dust blowing or leaves rustling and assume the presence of air and wind.  So, I believe in God because I see in the universe all around me effects that logically point me to a great invisible cause whom I believe is God.
  2. 2.       The evidence of design – for e.g. if you look at your watch and know that it did not spontaneously self –assemble or evolve in slow stages from nothing.  The watch’s beautiful design suggests a watchmaker.  Likewise, looking at the wonders of the universe and world around us, we see everywhere, beauty, order and design.  So an elegantly designed world points to the existence of a “world designer” that I call God.
  3. 3.       The presence of personality – We look at the famous painting Mona Lisa  and see evidence of personality and logically conclude that the painting could not be the result of an impersonal cause, because a cause must always be greater than its effect and because the painting evidences personality, so the cause has to have personality; in fact, it has to be a person  - Leonardo daVinci.

Likewise we see a beautiful, orderly world full of people evidencing personality, we reason logically that the great cause or designer must be a person I call God.


This excerpt is from Evangelism Explosion, by James D. Kennedy)

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