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 Objection:  "I Do Not Believe The Bible"

Truth to Say: 
This can be answered with:   “That’s very interesting and it certainly is your privilege not to believe it, and I would fight for that right on your part.  However, if the Bible is true, then obviously you must accept the consequences.  But I would like to ask you a question.  The main message of the Bible, which has been unquestionably the most important literary work in human history, is how a person may have eternal life.  So what do you understand that the Bible teaches about how a person may have eternal life and go to heaven?”  He may reply that He does not believe in eternal life…then say:  “I’m not asking you what you believe, but what do you understand.  It would be a rather an unintellectual approach to reject the world’s most important book without even understanding even its main message, would it not?” Then repeat the question.

98% of the time, their response will be:  "keeping the ten commandments, following the Golden Rule or imitating the example of Christ”

Then you say, “That is just what I was afraid of John.  You have rejected the Bible without even understanding its main message, for your answer is not only incorrect, it is diametrically opposed  to what the Bible teaches.  Now don’t you think that the more intellectual approach , would be to let me share with you what the Scriptures teach on this subject, and then you can make an intelligent decision  whether to reject or accept it?”

(this answer is from:  Evangelism Explosion - by D. James Kennedy)

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