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      The Word of God (who is Jesus Christ) testifies that Susan Mulford is really nothing without Me, but In Christ and through Christ I testify that she is:

A  - my Ambassador (2 Cor. 5:20) and she is anointed by God and she is Accepted in the Beloved (Phil 1:6)

B -  Susan is Blessed, she is Beautiful and wonderfully made by Me – Psalm 139:14

C -  Susan is Compassionate and Caring and Chosen by Me and she is Confident in Christ because she is Close to Me

D  -  my Daughter and Destined to win souls for Me and My Glory

E – a gifted Evangelist, does the work of an evangelist, turning backsliders back to Me

F -   My Friend, my Faithful Follower, Forgiven and Flows in the Prophetic

G -  Gentle;  she is Gifted in Multiple ways by My Grace with anointings for intercessory prayer, discerning of spirits, prophesying and singing the new songs I give her.  She is coming forth like Gold.

H -  Humble and dependent on Me and yet I call her is Honorable and worthy of Double Honor;;  she is Healed by My Stripes and I often use her to heal others at the Abundant Life Prayer Group at Oral Roberts Ministries, where she is a Prayer Partner.  Not many people know her, but I know her voice very well, for she calls upon Me to pray for others 40 hours a week!  She is also Hopeful and Happy in My Presence

I -  an Inheritor of heaven, Intercessory prayer warrior Bride to Me

J  -  a Joint –Heir with Me, Joyful in Hope in My Presence

K -  Kind and the Law of Kindness is in her mouth and so I have Kept this special treasure under the shadow of My wings from much harm, for the enemy hates her.

L -  Led by My Spirit, and Love unconditionally by Me, rooted and grounded in My Love

M -  Merciful because she knows that mercy triumphs over judgment and she is Manifesting often My Glory because she has chosen to obey Me; motivated by My love and a Mountain Mover by Faith and she is Meek.

N -  a New Creation in Christ Jesus and Never Alone.  I will always be with her

O – Obedient follower of Me, an Overcomer by My Blood and an Overachiever in many ways.  I have to tell her to rest.

P -  Prayer Warrior, Prophetically Gifted to sing prophetic word and Powerful through the anointing upon her and in her.  It is the anointing the breaks the yoke. She is a  Perserverer and Patient as well in the face of trials.

Q  - Quick to Forgive when she is offended or disappointed by others; often Quieted by My Love when the storms rail against her; eQuipped to do my Will

R -  Resting in Faith and Redeemed by My Blood and a Radical for Me

S -  Soldier working hard in the Army of the Lord; Saved by My Grace; a Special Treasure

T -  Triumphant in Me over every trial

U -  Uniquely created, Unconditionally Loved by Me by My Grace

V -  Vessel of Honor; Victorious through My power, My Name, My Blood and the power of the Holy Spirit;  Valuable.  He value is my precious blood which is worth more than all the gold and silver in the world

W -  a Warrior-Bride for Me;  a watchwoman on the wall;  walks by faith and not by sight

X -  exceptional because I made her and she has chosen to obey Me

Y -  Yielded to Me and so she hears all the object evangelism icebreakers that I have given her;  she is yoked with me as well, so she will do a wonderful job teacfhing at your church

Z- Zealous to do good works, so please, invite her to teach her seminar:  “Awake!  I Am coming..”   You will be blessed.

  -  This is My recommendation by the Word of God for Rev. Susan Mulford as given to her by the Spirit of the Lord...and truly this is the only testimony that matters.
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