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Healing Testimonies 

              If God can use me to minister healing, then He can use you too.  So when you are witnessing to the lost and you see that someone needs healing, don't be afraid to ask if you can pray for them.  Pray a strong prayer of faith in the name of Jesus and trust God for the results.  Sometimes God will heal an unbeliever because He knows that then they will get saved.  Some people do not believe in divine healing.  I could be tempted to not believe in divine healing because my mother died of bone cancer Jan. 5, 1994.  And yet I know that I know that Jesus Christ is still the healer.  To help build people's faith, I made this "Healing Testimonies" page.  The following are not words of knowledge healings from Richard Roberts.  These testimonies are from people that I personally prayed for over the phone when working as an Abundant Life Prayer Group prayer partner at Oral Roberts Ministries. Right after the prayer, they told me (because we do not ask) that they were healed or felt the presence of God.  I changed their names to protect their privacy.   Jesus is the One that healed them.  I just prayed the prayer. So I give all the glory to God.   Remember, if God can use me to minister healing to the sick, then He can use you too.  If you are needing healing, here are some healing scriptures to stand on to believe God for your healing.  Why do I not have any healing testimonies after 2008...largely because I have not kept up with all the focus has been on teaching Christians to witness to the lost.



The Problem

The Testimony  - After Prayer


This was not a usual call.  All three were on a speakerphone:  Linda, her sister Laura, and her niece named Kim.  They all had great faith. Linda told me that her niece Kim needed healing from nausea which she had been suffering with for a month now.  Secondly, her sister Laura needed healing of diabetes.  Her sugar level was 200 and she was not able to walk well at all – only with a cane.  She also had trouble moving her arms and legs.

After I prayed a powerful prayer for them both Linda exclaims: “The Lord is touching my sister Laura right now! Holy Moly!  My sister is jumping up and down! …Now she is dancing up and down!  It is like Revival going on in here!  She is moving her arms and her back now!”  Then Kim said on the speaker phone that her nausea was completely gone. While I was getting their address and info from Linda, her sister Laura decided to quickly check her sugar level again.  After prayer, it was down to 115!   Then she yelled “Hallelujah!” and thanked me for praying. They were on fire for God!  I started praising God too!


Ruth was feeling weak in her body.

After prayer, “I am hot with the anointing right now!   Thank you for praying!”


Mary from Corpus Christi , TX was suffering with neck pain

After prayer she said, “It already feels better…I feel the Presence of God.  Thank you!”


Marion   needed healing for pain on the left side of her back

After prayer, she excitedly asked me:  “Did you FEEL that?  It was like an electric shock!  (Truthfully, I did not feel anything on my end)  The Presence of God is so strong – WOW!”


A mother called for her son Samuel and his wife Tracy’s marriage to be healed.  Samuel moved in with his mother ( who was calling).  The two had been apart for three months. They had two children ages 6 and 2.  Tracy left town and she went to see a divorce lawyer.


I prayed for their marriage to be healed at least one time.  The mother called three times for prayer.  Anyway, after prayer three months later, they got back together.   I included this testimony because I believe that God can HEAL marriages.


Jean wanted prayer for her son to be healed in his head from a bike accident

After prayer she said, “I really feel the Presence of the Lord all over me…”


Pat from FL  needed prayer for healing.

After prayer she said,  “You are so sweet.  I felt the anointing.”




Elizabeth from IN needed prayer for encouragement


After prayer she said, “I can tell you are filled up with the Word and the Presence of God is coming through the phone.”


James from MO asked me for my name. (We do not give out our names, so I told him that I was his prayer partner…)

He responded:  “Oh I see why you don’t give out your name because you might be an angel or something.”   (I laughed at that one!)

Jan ‘05

Cindy from OH needed prayer for healing

After prayer she said, “Whew!  I felt the power of God all through that prayer!  Thank you!”

Dec ‘04

Kate from Toronto needed prayer for witchcraft t be broken off of her

After prayer she said, “When you prayed, my heart went “bang” against my chest.  You hit it on the head.  I feel better now.”

Jan 2005

Loretta from VA needed prayer for her sister to be healed of colon cancer

After prayer she said, “I felt the power in that prayer!  I felt the devils leave 2 or 3 times!  Thank you!”


Terri from OH had trouble breathing

“My breathing became easier as you prayed.  Thank you.”

Jan ‘05

Deborah from FL wanted prayer for her marriage to be healed.

“Everything the Lord led you to pray was right on target .  Thank you!  Trust and know that what we prayed – it is bound”


A lady of faith named Lola called for her sound to come back on her TV.  It just went off.

She called back and another prayer partner got the call and wanted me to know that -  the sound did come back on!


Siggie from Yucaipa called for prayer for healing

“The presence of God has come all over me and since you prayed I have burning in my hands now.”

Jan ‘05

Old lady from Los Angeles

“You sound really young, but you pray really good.”


Mary needed prayer for encouragement. 

“There’s a transfer of love coming from your spirit.  You have blessed me abundantly with your prayers.  You have a sweet, gentle, loving voice and your tongue went off like a ready writer.  I thank you that you let Him lead you as to what I needed to hear today.”


Kate need prayer for a nerve problem where she felt a shock-sensation in her left leg.

After prayer – “My leg feels OK now.  Thank you.  The pain is gone.”


Diana from Fort Myers , FL called for prayer because her heart stopped beating. She was in the hospital on a defibultor

After prayer she said that her heart started beating again!  She was so thankful


Kathryn was mourning over the loss of her son who died at 5 years old ,  He had special needs.  She felt rejected that he died.

I prayed and broke rejection off of her and encouraged her.  She said:  “Thank you so much for that prayer.  Consider yourself hugged.  I feel His Presence for the first time in a long time.”


Misty from AR

Got born-again.  She prayed with me to receive Jesus.

April 2005

Loretta from VA

You have a special way with the Lord.  He hears and answers you prayers.  I can feel His Presence.”

March 2005

Ellen from WA had female problems, lack of estrogen, going through menopause and felt jumpy and fearful

“That was a great prayer.  Yes, I need to sing and praise God!  I need to let God fill the void.”



Randy was on drugs (meth).  He was broken hearted over a 9 year relationship that recently ended

After prayer, Randy said that he got set free from drugs. “I feel the Presence of God!  Thank you! “


Alan had pain in his chest, a tightness.

After prayer he said, “Since you prayed, my chest feels better.”

Mar ‘05

Catherine was feeling oppressed by witchcraft.

“Thank you!  I feel 100% better!  When you rebuked the free masonry curses, I saw a black spirit leave.  I feel better.”

April ‘05

Mae from PA had pain in her sciatic nerve.

After prayer,  “It feels better already.  The pain is subsiding.”

April ‘05

A lady needed encouragement.  Her husband left her.

After prayer:  “How did you know that?  All my life I have been rejected…Thank you for praying.”

Jan ‘05

Rose from OR needed healing for pain in her chest and her arms were going numb (either a heart attack or a stroke). 

After prayer, the pain left her chest and feeling came back into her arms.  The Presence of God came and touched her.

Mar ‘05

Gary from Ontario Canada was so depressed that he felt like committing suicide.   It was a long suicide call.

After prayer, he committed to not harm himself.   A week later I got him again and he said:   ‘I remember your voice…You prayed for me and God took away the depression and now I feel so much better.  It lifted off of me.  Your prayers picked me up out of the despair and now I feel God’s peace.  Thank you for praying.”

Mar ‘05

A lady called for prayer for her headache to go away

After prayer, “The headache is gone!  I can now study for my classes.  Thank you!”

Feb. ‘05

A lady needed encouragement

“Thank you.  I felt the Presence of the Lord and the peace of God.”


Angel from AR needed prayer because her aunt was suing her for past rent that was due because she lived in her cottage…

After prayer, “You prayed a perfect prayer.  There are a lot of things that I didn’t tell you that you prayed for (that my grandma told me too about the situation).  Thank you for telling me to forgive.”


Bob from FL wanted prayer for his Dad to be healed in his hips and stomach.  He was on a walker

After prayer he said, “You sound like Kenneth Hagin.  Thank you for praying for my father.”


Katherine from WV  needed healing from a heart problem and her body and her legs were shaking

After prayer, she started laughing in the spirit on the phone.  She says: “I feel the presence of God. My body is not shaking anymore and my legs are quieting down.”

Feb. 2005

Carol from WI needing healing in her abdomen.

“Praise God.  I have tears in my eyes.  I felt God’s touch in my abdomen.”

April ‘05

Jennifer from TX was in a lot of pain in her back from scoliosis

After I prayed, she exclaimed, “The pain is gone!

Jan. ‘05

Marie from FL

“I felt God touch me.  Thank you I know God is healing me.”


Sherry was hurt at church.  She danced in the spirit and someone accused her of dancing in the flesh.  The organ player really offended her.  She was wounded emotionally by some people at church.

I got her again a week later:  “I remember you…I slept that night better than I have in years.  The Presence of the Lord was so strong.   I mean, I was in awe.  The peace was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I never met the Lord like that before.  He healed me of all of that offense.  You prayed:  “Lord, put Your hands around her heart.”  Your praying was so right on with God’s wisdom and compassion.  You understood and had compassion …and it healed me.”


Carolyn had a cancerous tumor under her arm.

“I felt warm after you prayed.  I feel like this tumor is gonna go from underneath my arm.”


A first time caller

“I really appreciate your prayer.  I can feel that you really care.  You prayers really touched me.”

March ‘05

Ruth from NC had a headache and felt witchcraft coming against her

“Praise God!  That prayer broke the witchcraft.  The headache is gone.”

Mar ‘05

Joe from CT said he was feeling tortured in the spirit externally and internally.

“Thank you for that powerful prayer.  I felt some things moving away from me.  I feel better.”

Jan. ‘05

Bill from WI had a migraine

“When you said, ‘I curse that migraine’  I felt it lift!  I feel better now.  Thank you.  Wow.  The pain is gone.”


Belinda needed healing in her left arm

“I felt a tingling in my left arm – I feel a hand upon me after you prayed.  I feel the Presence of God.”


Grace from WV needed healing in her knee that was hurting

“Thank you for praying. I felt the Holy Spirit really strong.  My knee has stopped hurting.”


At the All American gym in the locker room a lady named Jane complained of not being able to hear out of her left ear.  She was worried and kept trying to get the water out. 

I asked her if she knew Jesus and she said, “Yes!” Then I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her ear.  She said, “Yes!”  So I did and after prayer she gasped, “I can hear!  I can hear!  Wow!  That is great! Thank you so much!”  I told her that it was the Lord that healed her and does she go to church?  She said that she did.

May ‘05

Levon from SC received a gift from her boss’ wife and got attacked by witchcraft.

After prayer, Levon exclaimed, “My God! My God!  I can feel the release right now!  Even on my head, it feels clearer!  It’s been broken!  Praise God!  Thank you!”

May ‘05

Diane from Seattle, WA needed prayer for healing of macular degeneration in her eyes.

After prayer, “I can make out words now…wow!   Much better than before.”

May ‘05

Constance needed healing from pleurisy and eyes healed

“When you were praying, I felt heat come all over me – from head to toe.”

June ‘05

Lynn from NY needed healing of a broken heart

“That was a perfect beautiful prayer. It almost brought tears to my eyes.”


Felix from FL needed healing in his nerves and set free from fear.

“You are a mighty prayer warrior.  I felt that anointing go through me.”


Dean from VA

“I really felt that prayer.  I felt a tingle go all over me.”


Kathryn from Wichita, KS

“I almost fell off the bed because I felt the anointing when you prayed.”


Legracia needed healing for her tooth that had a crown that was in pain

After prayer she said,  “the pain went away!” And she thanked me.





Nancy was struggling with demonic oppression

“I could feel it (demonic oppression) leaving me as you prayed.  I felt the demons leave one by one. You are not scared of demons and you know how to pray mightily.”

Oct. ‘05

Merle needing healing in his right hand

“I felt the power of God in my right hand.”


Marge needing healing of arthritis

“Thank you so much!  I already feel the pain easing up.”


Teresa from TN called with chest pains.

“I felt the power and the anointing of God as you prayed and now it feels much better.”


A lady from GA called saying that she had witchcraft all over her face and ringing in her ears

After prayer, she said “The ringing in my ears is gone and all the witchcraft is gone from my face!”


Sherry from Canada had a satanic prayer language.  As he prayed I realized that is was high and screechy and evil sounding.  She said she had a "Prayer Master” that laid hands on her.

I prayed a strong deliverance prayer over her and then asked her to pray in tongues again.  This time her tongues then sounded normal and pure sounding.  I could hear the difference.  We both praised God.  The demonic spirit was gone.


Shirley had pain in her left side due to witchcraft.  Pain was shooting through her body.

After prayer, “the pain is gone now!”  she said.


Claude from VA needed healing

“I just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come upon me after you prayed.”


A lady named Susan needed healing of pain and tightness in her chest.

“After you prayed, the tightness in my chest is gone.”


Loretta from AR needed healing from pain in her body

“I felt such a warmth around me where I once had pain.”


Louise from Zimbabwe had pain in her stomach/ovaries

After prayer, she said “the pain is leaving”  (and I had a candy in the side of my mouth when I prayed.)  God is so good!


Betty called for emotional healing for her husband from homosexual temptations/lies and for her father, Paul, to be healed of an angry temper. 

After prayer she said, ”You have the gift of prophecy.  Everything you prayed was right on target.  You knew everything about Paul that I did not even tell you.”


Presley needed healing in her eyes and whole body

“I felt the power of the Lord when you prayed.”


Karin called for prayer for her sinuses to be healed

After prayer she said, “I feel the Presence of God coming upon my sinuses now.  God is healing me.”


Pat called for healing of pain in her body

After prayer, “I thank you…I feel the pain going now.  In Jesus’ name, Thank you!”


Maria from Orlando, FL needed to be set free from witchcraft

After prayer she said, “I felt electricity come all over my body.”


 Christine called for the first time saying she needed prayer for healing of pain in her hip and leg from a terrible fall.

After prayer, she joyfully exclaimed:  "The pain is gone!"  She really thanked me saying,  "You have no idea how much I appreciate this - Praise God!"

         Jesus said in Mark 16:18, ”Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  He also said in Matt. 9:22, “Thy faith hath made thee whole” and in Matt 9:29, “According to your faith be it unto you.”    So I am a believer that lays hands on the sick.  In these healing testimonies, I just did it through the phone.  If you want to learn more about how you can minister healing to the sick, go to: to read about about Rev. Curry Blake’s Divine Healing Technician Training classes.  I went through them in 2001 and am ordained through John G. Lake Ministries.  Also one of the best Bible Schools I believe is RHEMA Bible Training Center (  I’m a 1995 graduate from the Teacher’s group.

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