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          Are your church members sharing their faith with the lost?  If they are, then more people will go to your church and it will GROW!  I hear the Lord saying:

     “Awake! I Am Coming…”

  “Awake! I Am Coming…” is a three session seminar on Saturday night and Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon outreach taught by Rev. Susan Mulford with an “After Church Outreach” at a nearby Mall that will pull your church members off the pews and launch them into fulfilling the Great Commission.  Susan will teach from her website: and show how to use “object evangelism icebreakers” to get started. Susan will come for a Love Offering taken up at the services that, at least, covers her traveling expenses.

         Many times the hardest part about witnessing to the lost is just getting started.  Many Christians do not know how to turn or transition a conversation onto the Gospel track. If you cannot do this, you will not be witnessing at all, so this is a huge problem. Rev. Susan Mulford created to solve this problem!  It contains over 400 different “object evangelism icebreakers” that God gave her so that Christians can transition conversations onto the Gospel track and witness wherever they go!

Susan Will Create a Tract for Your Church!

Just tell her what you want –  

  • your church’s logo or theme;  
  • your church location and directions;  
  • church service times;  
  • and specific wording or special graphics.  
     Susan will e-mail proofs to you back and forth until it is just what you want and then give you the original to be printed for your church members to use as they witness to the lost.

Saturday Night

   Susan will cover –  Awakening Compassion….

  • How close are we before Jesus comes again?
  • The horrors of Hell and how to explain hell is there & it is real.
  • Casting your cares on Jesus so you can care about others  
  • Overcoming tolerance, fear of man & rejection -> to witness
  • Using “the Gifts of the Spirit” to witness
  • Prophetic Ministry – to as many people as time allows.


Sunday Morning

  Susan will cover her website:

  •  “Object Evangelism ice breakers”- many examples
  • Testimonies – “Yes, it works!”
  • Truth to Say to 13 False Religions – Very key.
  • What to Say to Objections
  • Her Kindle Book:  “I Want to Witness, But What Do I Say?”


Sunday After Church  - 
Outreach at the Mall       

        After church, we will
pray and then all willing church members will go to the Mall. Make a goal of talking to at least 10 people.  Walk around for 1 ½ to 2 hours.  Go to the Food Court and/or different stores.  Shop for real or “window shop” and talk or witness to people along the way.  Use the object evangelism icebreakers.  From your smart phone, go to for help.  If they are interested, give them your church’s tract.  Meet back at the church after at 3pm for testimonies and to Praise the Lord for all He has done!! 


A Few "Object Evangelism Icebreaker" Examples: 


  • Turnover – Did you see that great turnover?!  We got the ball! That play reminds me of how a life can be turned over to God. Also apple.
  • Quik Trip –  When Jesus comes again, you know, it will be a quick trip…Are you ready?
  • Download – Have you ever down- loaded Jesus into your heart?  .
  •  Water  - This water reminds me of the Living Water.  Have you ever had any of that water?
  • Wrench – As I use this wrench, it reminds me of how if I trust God, He can turn things around for me
  • Door – This door reminds me of how Jesus is the door to eternal life.  He is the most important door you will ever walk through…Have you ever walked thru that door?
  • Stamp – A prayer without “in Jesus name” is like a letter with no stamp.  It is not going anywhere…
  • Lottery Ticket - I know a sure bet. If you receive Jesus as your Lord,  you will surely go to heaven.
  • Sugar – This sugar reminds me of how sweet it is to trust in Jesus.


 Prophetic Ministry           

       One prophetic word can change your life!  It can give you hope and uplift and empower you to do God’s will and to overcome! Prophetic words comfort, edify and encourage believers!  The Lord graced Susan with a strong prophetic gift in March 1997 where she can
sing prophetic words over people quite easily because she has a mantle.  While it has not been her focus, over the years, hundreds have been blessed, encouraged, edified and comforted through the prophetic song that Susan sang over them. They say she is "right on.”  Over the years, she has prophesied over Rev. Curry Blake, David Hogan, Rick Renner, Terry Law, Governor Mary Fallin, former Mayor of Tulsa, Bill La Fortune and Senator Jim Inhofe and many other notable people & she gives God ALL the glory!  In April 2013, at the Int’l House of Prayer in Kansas City (founder Mike Bickle  -, she prophesied over at least 25 people and the Director of IHOP’s Evangelism Dept, Hal Linhardt, said her prophetic song over his office manager was “right on.”  She has several testimonies of her Prophetic Gift.  Susan will prophesy over as many people as time allows on Saturday night, for this is her joy!  She will record the prophetic word on the church’s sound system or people can record it on their own smart phones using “voice memo”.


About Susan Mulford   

        Susan was born again at age eight and grew up in Charlotte, NC.  She answered the call of God to serve Him in college her senior year at the UNC at Chapel Hill, where she earned a B.A. degree in Psychology and Political Science. The next year moved to Tulsa, OK to go to RHEMA Bible Training College graduating in 1995.  She then went to Victory World Missions Training Center and then Church On the Move School of Ministry in 1996.  In March 1997, the Lord graced her with a singing prophetic gift.  Then Susan went to the Prophetic Age Ministry Institute founded by Prophetess Pam Vinnett.  Presently, she is a full time prayer partner at Oral Roberts ministries (since 2004) and also the Ass’t Supervisor on the night shift.  She’s ordained by John G. Lake Ministries:  She is single and she has been on missions trips to:  Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Jamaica & Pakistan. There’s a “Google Translate” button on her site:  

To contacther call:  918-938-4543 or  e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Testimony/contact form at the bottom of the HOME page please.

Susan's Speaking Engagements Calendar



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