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Recently, the Lord put it on my heart to ask people for testimonies about my prophetic gift.  After I prophesy over people, they always say it was encouraging and edifying and right on, or it bore witness with them , etc.  and that was enough for me, so that I knew it was accurate.  But it never occurred to me to ask them:  "Will you please write up that testimony for me?"  So out of obedience, I humbled myself and obeyed God and e-mailed several people to ask them for a testimony about my prophesying, so that other people, like pastors or anyone else in the ministry would know my prophetic gift is genuine and of God, etc.   I have prophesied over many people over the years, but many of them I have lost contact with and others are too busy to write a testimony for me, but by the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ, He gave me His Testimony of me and here are some that I have below and I will add to this list as the e-mails come in:

Hal Linhardt
Aug 29 (4 days ago) to me

Good to hear from you.  Here’s my recommendation letter.
“God is raising up people with multiple giftings.  Susan Mulford is a good evangelist that God also uses in prophesying.  I have heard her prophesy with accuracy over several people.  May God cause thousands like her to spring up across the church.”
Hal Linhardt
Director of Evangelism
IHOPKC - International House of Prayer - Kansas City  
(founded by Mike Bickle)


To whom it may regard:

I received a prophetic word from Susan Mulford.  What was a blessing it was to my life.  She has an amazing prophetic gift that has an excellent foundation with her work and studies at Rhema Bible School, Curry Blake's ministry from John G. Lake ministries, Richard Roberts ministry as well as many other sources.  I recommend for her to preach, teach and prophesy in any church where she is welcome to do so.

Michael Ross
Spirit and Truth Ministries


"Susan, your prophetic words are pure, clear as glass, like crystal, not tainted at all"

Rev Curry Blake
John G. Lake Ministries


The first time I met Susan, she prophesied over me before she had an opportunity to learn anything about me.  I had started to write a book about the revelation the Lord had been giving me, while spending time with Him.  But, for the past three months, I felt unsure about including some of the revelation.  Because these feelings were hindering my writing, I felt that I needed to get them resolved before I would be able to continue.  When Susan prophesied over me that day, I couldn't help notice that she had a heart for ministry.  I could actually feel the Lord’s love flow through her.  She said, in part:  “I want you to write what I tell you.”   As soon as she spoke this word to me, everything became clear.  I could feel the words of the prophecy stir me.  At that moment I knew, beyond any doubt, that I was supposed to write all that the Lord had shown me.  And, I was sure that she had accurately heard from the Lord because she did not know that I had been writing anything at all.  The Lord used Susan to encourage me and to give me the confirmation I felt I needed to continue.  Thank you, Susan.  

    This is a prophetic word about my prophetic gift that I received at International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO in April 2013 at the Prophetic Evangelism Semiinar:   See:

       “Susan, I hear the word:  "kaleidoscope."   I don’t know what it means in Greek. Google it.  (I did, see below). I see you going around, picking up broken pieces of beautiful glass and making it a pattern    The kaleidoscope  means, as you prophesy, you are launching people.  You see beauty in others, but you can only see the beauty in others if you hold it up to the light.   So in the spirit,  I see you gathering up the broken colorful pieces and as you sing over them, the pattern is coming along, but when you hold it up to the Light of the Holy Spirit, then it, you know, it launches them.”

Mary Lee Friese
IHOP Evangelist and Prophetic Minister
       (from wikipedia)  A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of colorful glass. As the viewer looks into one end,light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors. Coined in 1817 by Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster,[1]"kaleidoscope" is derived from the Ancient Greek καλός (kalos), "beautiful, beauty",[2] εἶδος (eidos), "that which is seen: form, shape"[3] and σκοπέω(skopeō), "to look to, to examine",[4] hence "observation of beautiful forms."

I sent his prophetic word to him through my voice memo app on my iphone.  He testified:

I do believe it was from God and that God was speaking to me.  It resonated with my situation."

Scott Campbell
   from Austraila


"Susan sang over me a prophetic word and her word was right on.  She prophesied about resurrection coming forth in my life.  Yes, that prophetic word was confirmation - in many ways."

 - Camille Holabach


"Susan's prophetic word to me was right on."

 - Patricia Cowan
        (Patricia's word was about how God loves her poems and wants her to continue writing them and He will give her connections to publish them)


"Susan sang a prophetic word over me that bore witness with me.  Near the end, I remember her prophesying:  "you need to put your running shoes on"  and God gave me that same word through other intercessors as well. ... And I have been very busy.  It is work or a race in progress in my life now.  Yes, I'm running for the Lord."

 - Denise Noakes


"That prophetic word that you sang over me was exactly what I needed to hear."

Michael Reed
     In Ministry Training student at Victory Christian Center


"That is funny.  I just wrote a prayer request asking God for strength and more knowledge of the Word on my offering envelope and that is just what you prophesied over me."

Jennifer Reed


"Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, God.   I receive it.  That was good.  That was good."

Chris Slager
Christian Rapper for Jesus


"That word was right on.  Did you know that I run every morning?"

Dawn Holmes  
          No, I did not know that she ran every morning.  But God did and He wanted her to know that He saw her running and was pleased and proud of her.  :-)


        Susan and I were talking on the phone back in 2004. She asked me when I was going on my missions trip to Jamaica...and I told her in a few days. She prayed for me and then she prophesied though song this prophetic word about how God was going to use me to teach His word and people would be healed and delivered and He was going to use me to intercede and bind strongholds there in that nation and then she prophesied,  "And you shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.  And you shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord and you shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.”

      After I heard that prophetic word, I thought at the time, "Susan, I am not suicidal,"  but I did not say anything and went on my trip.  Well, the trip was wonderful and God did use me to pray for the sick and the tormented and they were healed and He delivered by the hand of God.  When my time came to go home, the head of my group provided transportation to the airport through the locals.  I had to leave for the airport at 2:30am for my early flight. So I caught a taxi to go from Negril to Montego Bay to the airport.  I got in the taxi, which was like a minivan, and shortly after traveling about 20 minutes outside of Negril, I discerned the spirit of theft. As soon as I discerned that spirit, the driver commanded me to give him my money.  Then I felt the spirits of rape and thievery and murder come upon me.  I was startled at discerning these spirits!  I knew what this man was thinking.  And I did not know what to do, so I prayed in my heart:  "God, if it is my time to go, then it is my time to go, but my children Patrick and Brandi, would be looking for me and wondering where I was and they would be so upset...Show me what to do.:."  Then the taxi driver did pull off the side of the road to go down a side country road (where no one could see him rape me and leave me for dead). He pulled off to the side and took the keys out of the ignition.   I knew it was not the road to the airport and the spirit of the Lord came upon me and I commanded him to:  "Put the keys back in the ignition and Get back on the main road.  This is not the road to the airport!"  and, praise God, he obeyed me each time he did this, which was a few times!  But I kept commanding him to get back on the main road!  Mind you, it was very dark, there were no street lights and there was no traffic at that time of the morning and he totally could have pulled off to the side of the road and raped me and stole my money and murdered me and left me there to die and no one would have known because we were out here in the middle of no where in the middle of the night!!   Then God led me to keep asking him questions:  "So are you married?"  and he said yes and then I asked: "Do you have any children?" and he said "yes."  And I realized later that God led me to ask these questions to remind him of all that he would lose if he did something to me and was caught. He would be separated from his wife and his children a LONG time in prison.  He said that he wanted my money.  I said in a commanding voice,  "I am NOT giving you my money until we get to the airport!!  Now keep driving!" 
          Finally after an hour and a half of an intense traumatic warfare in that minivan, we FINALLY got to the airport and I was safe!  I gave the driver my money and we parted our ways.  A couple days later, I was having anxiety and everything startled me.  Was very anxious and I had the shakes really bad.  It was a delayed reaction from the previous day. And I asked the Lord why I was so anxious and jumpy and the Lord told me:

         "Jayne, it is because the threat that you discerned was REAL and I gave Nathtalie (her friend) the burden to pray for you and she was on her face interceding for you and praying for you to be safe and protected…And remember Susan's prophetic word:  'You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.  You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.  You shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord'?"  

       It was then that I realized that Susan's prophetic word in song over me was right on and I am so glad to be ALIVE!  to be able to give this testimony today!

Rev. Jayne Bowman, LPC, LADC, BCPOC


                 Only because I have pictures, I decided to share this.  I have had the honor of prophesying over Mary Fallin twice,  This first picture was back in 2004 at the Tulsa County Republican Convention, when she was a Congress Representative.  Since I majored in Pysychology AND Political Science in college, I have always been involved in politics heavily in election years.   I just intercede and pray and lot and campaign for whomever God leads me to.  Thanks to Bill Shepherd introducing me to her (that was key) and telling Mary Fallin that "Susan has a beautiful prophetic singing gift and would you mind if she prophesied over you? She has a word for you."   She was elated and smiled and said, "Sure!" and the Lord basically said that:
         He was so pleased with her in how she spent time with Him in the Word everyday and He said that He loved how she sang and worshipped Him and that she had the "heart of David" and that He would exalt her..  He would surely exalt her.      
          At that time she was a Congressman and He did exalt her to be Lieutenant Governor to Governor Brad Henry.  I give God all the glory.

         The second time I prophesied over her was October, 22,  2010.  The Lord told me to go to Oktoberfest and find Mary Fallin and prophesy over her.  I was tired that day (because I work the third shift, which is probably why I wore hot pink - to cheer me up or wake me up),  but I obeyed God.  I knew it was important.  I told her I had a prophetic word for her and she remembered me vaguely from the previous time.  There was a loud band playing, but we went to the side and I sang in her ear the prophetic song/word. The Lord said that:  
          He was going to exalt her and He was so pleased with her in how she honored Him. He said to not worry about the negative attacks (that were spoken against her to discredit her in the News) and again, He said to not worry about them.  He would show her what to say.  He was going to exalt her.  And He was going to give her wisdom in how to stand for righteousness in this nation against the tide of "the world". He said that He was so pleased with her. And He would exalt her. 
She greatly appreciated the prophetic word and thanked me for coming out to Oktoberfest. After prophesying that, I was hoping that I was right! I knew in my spirit I was, but still, I was SO GLAD that, 2 weeks later,  that Mary Fallin did indeed win the election and she became Oklahoma's first woman GOVERNOR!  I just give God all the glory.


On February 22, 2013 I had a dream.  I heard the name 'Sherry" and heard in the dream that "she lives at River Oaks Apts".  I was not sure what to do about the dream and did not know which Sherry He meant.  But later that day I went to Winter Bible Seminar and I saw Sherry!  And we started talking and she told me she was looking for a place to live and she wanted me to pray about her living situation.  Then I told her about my dream. I went home and googled:  "River Oaks Apts" because I had never even heard of that apartment complex and wondered if the dream was right or not, but I was delighted when I found it.  Yep, it was real and there! And I had peace and then forgot about it.

Later in September 2013, I saw her again and she was so excited to see me.  "Susan, Guess what!?  I am now living at River Oaks Apts!  And I have been living there two months now."
The dream came true!


Susan prophesied over me in 2010 that I would be at my job "as long as I wanted to be there and to not worry" about it.  That gave me peace because I was so worried that because of my low scores in job performance that I would be let go.  You see,  I was not taking the number of calls per hour that was expected of me, and that really stressed me out.  I try to do the best that I can.  Well,  here I am, still here, three years later and the number of my call totals is still about the same!  I try so hard.  I am just so thankful for God's mercy and that Susan's prophetic word was right on.

Roberta Sweem


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