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Want to Witness, But What Do I Say about Hockey?”

            Many times the hardest part about witnessing is the transition from an everyday conversation onto the Gospel track.  If you do not know how to do this, you will not be witnessing at all. One way to turn the conversation it is through relating the Gospel to objects around you like Jesus did many times in Matthew 13.  These object evangelism icebreakers will train you how to turn conversations onto the Gospel track around hockey.  Jesus is coming soon, so use loving boldness and be compassionate. Then be led by the Spirit using whatever method. You may prophesy or pray for healing, etc.  To help pull them in, after the “”, there is an invitation to be saved.

Cross-Checking – In hockey, cross checking is when you drive the shaft into an opposing player and it is a penalty.  It reminds me of Jesus Christ.  He died on the cross taking our penalties and sins upon Himself so that we could be reconciled to God, forgiven of our sins and receive eternal life in heaven…. So let me do a cross check on you.  Is Jesus your Lord & Savior?...I was just checking.

Goal – In hockey, the main point of the game is to score goals.  That reminds me of having goals in life.  The most important goal is to believe in and then pray to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord to receive eternal life in heaven.   As a Christian, my goal is to know Him and make Him known (Phil 3:10)….so is Jesus your Lord and Savior?

Greatest Hockey Game - The greatest hockey game ever played in the history of Hockey I believe was in the 1980 Olympics when the US team beat the undefeated Soviet team.  They called that win “The Miracle on Ice” and even made a movie about it.  I believe that God helped them win that game. And yet I know that the greatest miracle of all is the Christmas miracle – that God sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ into the world, Who healed many and did many miracles and then finally shed His blood on the cross and died for our sins.  Whosoever believes in Him and prays to receive Him as their Lord and Savior will receive the miracle of eternal life in heaven…So have you ever received that miracle?  If not, I can pray with you right now.  Just repeat this salvation prayer after me.    John 3:16

Penalty Box -   When you sin in hockey, you sit in the penalty box for only two minutes, so it is not so bad.  But if you sin and never pray to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord, the penalty is hell and that lasts for all eternity…So have you ever prayed to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Saved – In that 1980 Olympic hockey game, when the Russians tried to score against the US, the announcer exclaimed over and over 39 times: ”Saved by Craig!” That great defense caused the US to win. It reminds me of what God yells at the devil when he accuses Christians of sinning, falling short and deserving to go to hell. The devil is right.  We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s standard, but God loves us and has great mercy!  So for everyone who repents of their sin and has prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, God defends us and yells back at the devil: Saved by Jesus Christ!”  and like winning the game of your  life, the believers go to heaven for all eternity.  It is the most glorious victorious save of all!….So are you saved by Jesus Christ?

Violent Sport  – I think that hockey is one of the most violent sports. It reminds me of Matt. 11:12: “The kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent take it by force.”  This means that, like being a hockey player, because of the persecution and opposition, becoming a Christian and being a bold witness for Him is not easy. It takes courage, unwavering faith, determination and endurance, but the rewards are eternal life in heaven…So have you ever prayed to receive this heavenly reward?

Salvation Prayer:  “Father, I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead.  I repent of my sins.  Jesus, I ask You to forgive me and come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior.   Fill me with the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for saving me from hell and giving me eternal life in heaven, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

     The original train tract is tri-folded and 5.5 inches high and 2.2 inches wide.  I converted all the information therein to one page (that you see above, but without the clip art picture) for easy access through the internet and smart phones.  

If you really want the original paper train tracts, then download the free train tracts app at the App store.  Each train tract is $1 each which includes shipping and handling and postage. Your order will arrive through US Mail in about 2 weeks. 

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