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 Witnessing Using Prophetic Evangelism

            Train Tracts are a great way to steer conversation onto the Gospel track.  If you have a prophetic anointing, I would encourage you to use it as well for God’s glory in evangelism.  God can give you words of knowledge  (See 1 Corin. 12:8) that will blow a person away and cause their heart to open to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.  The Lord prompted me to use my prophetic gift many times while witnessing at the mall. 

          The two most obvious examples of Prophetic Evangelism in the Bible are:

1.  Jesus used prophetic evangelism when he talked with the woman at the well and told her that she had five husbands in John 4:18.  She got saved and many people in her village turned also received the Lord.

2.   In John 1:46 Jesus told Nathanael “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” and Nathanael replied, “Whence knoweth thou me?”  Jesus answered, “Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree.”  Nathanael replied, “Thou art the Son of God.  Thou art the King of Israel.”   God had given Jesus a word of knowledge concerning Nathanael. He was so surprised that Jesus knew what he was thinking and thus,  it caused him to follow Jesus.

                “How Do I Get a Prophetic Word?”

          You  may wonder, “How do I get a prophetic word?”  Well, it is really up to God if He wants to give you a prophetic word or not.  And yet, He want us to prophesy and edify, encourage and comfort people with His love.  So you can open up your spiritual ears and listen for God to give you a prophetic word.  Many times just because you are humble and listening, He will give you prophetic words for people.

One good way "to do prophetic evangelism" that Pastor Sharon Daugherty has talked about at Victory Christian Center is to pray in tongues under your breath to tune into the Lord.  You get quiet and listen to His voice and then ask the Lord:      “What does this person that you want me to witness to need prayer for?  What subject?  A financial breakthrough?  A healing?  Prayer for a family member?  A marriage problem?” 

       You simply ask the Lord to give you a word of knowledge for the person. And listen and expect Him to answer you.   Then you can go up to them and just ask to see if your word of knowledge is right:  “Do you need prayer for …a rebellious family member?”  They may look surprised and say:  “How did you know?”   Then you can respond by saying:      “Well, God loves you and He told me that you needed prayer in this area and so I obeyed Him and that’s how I knew.  Would you like to pray about your situation?  And before we pray, are you born-again?”    This can be so fruitful and effective.

            If you don’t have any prophetic anointing, then be happy in the way that God has gifted you in other areas!   Use the objects in your surroundings  to witness and go for it.   I do not want to discourage anyone with a prophetic anointing to not develop it and use it for the Lord.  I just want you to know that your life will not be anymore happier or easier if you have a prophetic anointing.   You still have to walk by faith and trust in God.

             I can really relate to what Mike Bickle wrote in his book Growing in the Prophetic (Creation House,1996, p 130).  He wrote, “I have never met a prophetic person whose life was made significantly happy because of his or her gift.  Typically they have experienced demonic attack, opposition from godly people, and great perplexity in their own souls. They see so much, but they often can’t understand the full meaning of what they see.  Prophetic ministers seem to have more disappointment with God than the average person.   They often see clearly how things should be or how God plans for them to be.  But they have to wait in faith for a longer time because they have seen farther ahead.  They are much more prone to the Proverbs 13:12 difficulty:  “hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  Because their expectations are typically higher, they are more deeply disappointed.” 

Do you want a personal prophetic word?   

Then download the free Train Tracts App from the Apple itunes store for more information about it.  Rev. Susan Mulford has a strong prophetic gifting where she sings prophetic words over people and would be glad to deliver you a prophetic word (delivered through song).

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