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 If you like these train tracts and are able, then please consider making a donation.  I met a wonderful man of God named David Nazarewicz and we got engaged on March 5th 2014.  We are planning a wedding date tentatively for August 2014.  David is Jewish and has never been to Israel nor have I and as a prophetic intercessor I often pray for Israel's protection and for peace. So on our honeymoon, we want to go to Israel and we need $3,700 by  the end of May for the air fare and tour tickets. If you would like to donate, please donate here. Or send a check to:  Susan Mulford  PO Box 700382  Tulsa, OK 74170. 
       I wanted nothing to hinder Christians from witnessing to the lost, so I am literally "giving away" 10 years worth of hard work in creating these train tracts and this website, but I feel that it is worth it. I don't want one person to go to hell.